Ariel Urim Chung Portrait

Hi! I'm Ariel Urim [유림] Chung,

An artist, scholar, and oral historian learning to embrace the intersections of creative medium and grow beyond the little tags that identify me. With my aesthetic constructed through trauma studies, nostalgic technology, and my identity as a Korean woman in diaspora, you will find me bouncing back from performing, directing, interviewing, and whatever I do that calls me at the moment.

I am currently in NYC as a Masters candidate at Columbia in Oral History, working towards a digital archive space where Asian/American caretakers can be seen as whole humans. To know me best, try answering these questions yourself:


an oral history project on documenting stories of caretakers and family in Asian mothers and daughters in diaspora through food. Would you like to join me?


where is the 'site' for a site-specific performance for a community without a tangible physical site?


what is 'liveness' in the digital space?


how do we translate visceral senses into the digital medium?


I have the worst nightmares. Should I go to therapy?

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